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a woman's hand with red nail polish and white knitted gloves covered in colorful buttons
an embroidered pair of jeans with fish on the side and flowers all over them, sitting on a bed
Wearable embroidery koi fish
an abstract painting with swirls and bubbles in blue, green, pink and white
Outfits, Kaos, Cute Fits, Styl, Outfit
Kawaii, Grunge, Tops, Pink, Baby Blue, Model
Kleding, Character Outfits
a quilted wall hanging with cats and dogs on it's sides, all in pastel colors
a drawing of a cat with stars around it
an abstract painting with pink, blue and white flowers in the foreground on a pale background
the color swatches are all different in size and shape, including pinks, oranges, yellows, and browns
벽지 ⊹
various sea shells and corals on a black surface
Translucent Textiles Cast Organisms and Mundane Objects as Dreamy Sculptures and Wearables — Colossal
an assortment of green foods including broccoli, grapes and other vegetables on a white background