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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow "Previews"

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow "Previews" on Vimeo

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Melissa Shim - Lisa Combo attack on Vimeo

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demo reel 01

demo reel 01 on Vimeo

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richard lico show reel 2014 on Vimeo

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Daniel Alexander - Lisa Combo attack on Vimeo

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▶ Woman game animations - YouTube

Marcellis Wentz - 2012 Gameplay Animation Reel - Halo 4

All animation is hand-keyed, except for the one where Chief dies, which was based on motion capture. Music is "Animus Vox" by Glitch Mob -

Mongsil demo reel 2013

Mongsil demo reel 2013 on Vimeo

Character animation reel

Character animation reel 2011 by Mike Smout. Contains animations spanning various projects. All animation is key-framed. Models and rigs are property of their respective artists.

I supervised more than 2000 animations For the game Risen2 that have been animated by up to 8 animators. It was tough since we only had a year and only a fragment of those animators were available all the time. I also animated quite some animations myself. All Content © by Piranha Bytes.