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magnificent maleficent..

Deviant Art

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Crayon bandolier, for the Toddler of Fortune, or Stormageddon, Dark  Lord of All

Nerf dom

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circuit board coffee table
Detail of the 7th Century Saxon Quiver

Why Not!

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Knights who say NI!

Monty Python

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Star Wars Star Trek Wars
1...2...3!  A trilogy it takes
I Love You More Than Star Wars Eye Chart, 8 x 10 Giclee Print BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

Star Wars

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Smart Watch
iPhone Boombox
The Snowball Slingshot - Hammacher Schlemmer my boys would love this


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Light switch for my (future) games room!
Universal Gadget Wrist Charger.
Sweet Coffee Table for the game room

Video Game Stuff

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Legit problem.
My coworkers/friends/family can attest to this. This is a very real nerd girl problem!
Like a boss

Nerd Girl Problems

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To print on a paper bag, invert the image (across horizon), click on "Custom" and enter the dimensions (5.2x10.2).  Rename the custom print, "paper bag". Hit OK and you're all set.  Next time, you'll just have to go to paper size and select "paper bag".
How to print on fabric - What?! Oh, the possibilities...- Great for printing quotes and putting them in a frame to hang!
Ever wonder how to do some of those special characters like ♥ and ♫ ? Well, here you are! All in one printable list

Computer Helps

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Coraline font by Felix Braden of Floodfonts
More free movie fonts. Más


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Backup your Pinterest pins quickly and easily with Pin4Ever! Download a copy of all your pins, likes, and boards with one click! The pins you save on Pinterest are not permanent; they can sometimes disappear without any warning due to hackers or computer glitches. Don't risk losing all of your informational treasures that you spent so much time finding and gathering when it's so easy to protect your pins with a Pin4Ever back up.
The Ultimate Pinterest Cheatsheet
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Pinterest Stuff

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picture pulls out for hidden tv
Sun Bricks - solar-powered ground lighting system.

Geeky Tech Stuff

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an orange and white device sitting on top of a wooden table next to a laptop
Digital Organizer: System for Storing + Organizing Digital Products - The Healthy Maven
Looking to set up a better digital organizer design? Here is a fool-proof system for storing and organizing digital products and organizing digital photos so you can stay on top of your products and not lose a thing. #organization #digitalorganization
Ipad, Mac, Diy, Iphone, Organize Declutter, Declutter Computer
7 Easy Organization Tips for Your Computer Files!
a desktop computer sitting on top of a wooden desk next to a vase with flowers
Organize Your Computer Desktop - Get Organized HQ
an image of a cell phone with the text volume button secret tricks on it's screen
Volume Button Secret Tricks No One Knows
Volume Button Secret Tricks No One Knows - YouTube
the words how to make awesome check lists in excel on a blue and purple background
Create Edgy To-Do or Checklists with Check boxes in Excel + Shortfall calculator - PakAccountants.com
Learn how to make to-do lists or checklists in Excel super easily. Free Excel tips, tricks, tutorials, dashboard templates, formula core book and cheat sheets.
the text reads, 20 + excel table tricks you must know about in this post
20+ Excel Table tricks to turbo charge your data - PakAccountants.com
a poster with the words vlookup and an image of a green rectangle
VLOOKUP in Excel - The Only Guide You Ever need - PakAccountants.com
the text learn to use 50 crazy excel formulas
101 Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions Examples
a poster with the words 10 cool excel tricks you must know in red and green
#Excel #Tricks: 10 Cool Tips You MUST Know
the cover of how to create a scroll bar in excel, with green and red lettering
How to Create a Scroll Bar in Excel - Step by Step Tutorial
the text reads 20 + excel table tricks you must know
20+ Excel Table tricks to turbo charge your data - PakAccountants.com
a woman holding up a sign that says excel pivot table learn the top 50 tips and tricks
50 Things You Can Do With Excel Pivot Table | MyExcelOnline
how to add data bars in Excel tutorial Spreadsheet Template
Learn how to add Data Bars in #Excel
how to get the last value in a column from a list in excel Excel, Ms Office, Skills Development
How to get the last value from a list in Excel