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an open box with a pair of scissors in it
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Bespoke credentials pack
パッケージ  江戸時代から伝わる精巧な貝の木型から生まれた和菓子。伝統的食文化を現代に伝える恋文のような和菓子を表す「かしこ」というネーミング。讃岐和三盆を使用し、販売は直島のベネッセ・アートサイト。それらにふさわしい顔つきを考えた結果、ゆるやかな波を象ったパッケージが誕生しました。 Ideas, Cake Packaging, Roz, Unboxing, Japan Design, Pin, Paget
パッケージ 江戸時代から伝わる精巧な貝の木型から生まれた和菓子。伝統的食文化を現代に伝える恋文のような和菓子を表す「かしこ」というネーミング。讃岐和三盆を使用し、販売は直島のベネッセ・アートサイト。それらにふさわしい顔つきを考えた結果、ゆるやかな波を象ったパッケージが誕生しました。
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#order #handmadejewellery #handmade #jewelry #goldnecklaces #goldplatednecklace
a knot tied in a knot on top of a white background with red stripes and bows
Mizuhiki : Decorative Japanese Cord Made from Twisted Paper. Stock Vector - Illustration of marriage, twisted: 43850755
Mizuhiki : decorative Japanese cord made from twisted paper.
a can of beer next to an advertisement for the company's new beverage,
two black boxes sitting on top of each other
Lateral Take Away
Lateral Take Away on Behance
two pieces of paper with stickers attached to them sitting on top of each other
three boxes with envelopes in the middle one opened and two closed, on each side
모아패키지 : Package structure planing & Factory.
종이 샘플박스 #파페루스#모아패키지#패키지디자인#packagedesign#박스
an open black box with several different items in it, including a mouse and keyboard
모아패키지 : Package structure planing & Factory.
모아패키지 : Package structure planing & Factory.
four boxes stacked on top of each other with the word fontaffeda printed on them
Packaging: Fontanafredda e Kubedesign una partnership per gli intenditori del WineDesign - Social Design Magazine
packaging, che, fontanafredda, arredo, della, kubedesign, complemento, porta, come, cartone, confezioni, una, nelle, regalo, può, bottiglie, cantinetta, prima, reloaded, creare, benedetto fiori, design
an open cardboard box sitting on top of a white table
Custom Product Packaging Solutions
#gift boxes,#subscription boxes,custom carboard box design for gift /electronics