Christmas Spirit

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Gingerbread house embroidery. In the centre, there is a gingerbread house with a candy cane and lollipop around it and sweets on the top of the roof made with colourful thread. Diy, Weihnachten, Sanat, Mar, Handmade, Elsa
Gingerbread House Embroidery
Adding a touch of sweetness to my embroidery with this gingerbread house design.
two pillows and a pillow on a chair
several different knitted christmas decorations sitting on a white couch with the words holiday pillows written below them
Santa Hat Pillow curated on LTK
Santa Hat Pillow curated on LTK
a gingerbread house ornament being held by someone
Christmas Cottage decor, Gingerbread House, Embroidery Hygge Christmas, Felt ornaments
Felt decor with Christmas house. ✨
a brown pillow with gingerbread houses and snowflakes on it sitting on a white couch