Portrait of Emperor Gojong (age 49), Joseon Dynasty, Korea

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Korean Art and Design Taegon Kim(1822-1846) also known as St. Andrew Kim Taegon, was Korea’s first native born Catholic priest.

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Portrait of a Meritorious Subject Korea, Korean, Joseon dynasty (1392-1910), 18th century Paintings Hanging scroll mounted as a panel, ink and color on silk Image: 61 1/4 x 39 in. (155.58 x 99.06 cm); Mount: 63 1/2 x 40 3/4 in. (161.29 x 103.5 cm) Purchased with Museum Funds (M.2000.15.15) Korean Art Not currently on public view Korean Art Collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, U.S.A. Daejeon, Republic of Korea: National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage, 2012.

korean peasant hats - Google Search pic taken 1909 or 1910

Traditional head gear for Joseon males of the Yangban class. (From left to clockwise) Jangbogwan; Heukgeon ; Wongwan (Scholar’s headdress); Jeongjagwan (Men’s indoor headdress) (Korea University Museum)

조선시대 남자 패션ㅋ

한국인이면 봐둬야 할 '신윤복 풍속화' 30점 http://i.wik.im/194752

월하정인도 - 신윤복 그림에 적혀있는 한시는 '달은 기울어 밤 깊은 삼경인데 두 사람의 마음은 두 사람이 안다.'는 뜻입니다.

Korean armor, Joseon Dynasty.

Hanbok, Korean traditional clothes

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