Jeenhyun Park
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Elodole Made by cutting and folding paper, this piece reminds me of an MC Escher drawing.

nodes connected by black lines, could leave it is it is for simplicity, incorporating it into a sleeve portion; alternatively have it as a sleeve/calf with the spaces coloured very brightly.

pattern from shapes and colours

Pen & Gravy set of 4 A6 postcards by penandgravy on Etsy

A 40 square meter flat with a clever and spacious interior décor by Pressenter Design

dustjacket attic: Interiors | Dune House | New Zealand

A striking red pendant

25 modern and beautiful product designs | From up North

Casa SV / Luciano Kruk Arquitectos #concrete #kitchen #diningtable

MATTO Bar & Pizzeria in Shanghai by Pure Creative International: love the mixture of materials, textures and colors - I wonder how much it stands out in Shanghai?