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a store filled with lots of bikes and people standing in front of the bike racks
Bike Shops of Bend
Bike Shops of Bend - BikeMag
a bathroom with a shower, towel and gears on the wall
Resourceful Ideas for Fun Storage and Wall Decorating, Recycling Bikes Parts
a metal clock with colorful numbers on it's face is shown against a gray background
Ретро настенные часы в стиле лофт в виде колеса велосипеда Retro Art Bicycler
the inside of a bike shop with lots of bikes hanging from it's ceiling
REI Flagship store by CallisonRTKL, Washington, D.C. – USA
a room filled with lots of different types of clocks hanging on the wall and wooden floors
Las bicicletas son para el verano
the inside of a bike shop with lots of tools on the wall and stools
Destination Bike and Coffee Shop Opens in Agoura Hills
the inside of a store with many items on shelves
the inside of a bike shop with several bikes in it's display case and lots of stools
Comerciais e Institucionais - Sá e Cioni Arquitetura Assina Bicicletaria Faria Lima
the inside of a bike shop with lots of bikes on display and furniture in it
The Wheelhouse: Bringing Together Bicycles and Coffee