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an empty glass bottle with a metal lid on a white background and clipping to the side
The bottle
a black and white photo of a water bottle on a dark background with the word boos printed on it
Bols 1575 Vodka
"Bols 1575 Vodka" by Mash (Amsterdam)
a bottle of water with a blue ribbon around it and the words oh on top
"Fill Forever" is a light weight water bottle, designed and manufactured by Logoplaste Innovation Lab for EPAL. The objective is to promote the consumption of tap water everywhere, and not just indoors. Made of PET, a 100% recyclable material, weighs only 27.5 grams, and uses a manufacturing process that consumes much less energy when compared to glass or aluminium, materials that are often used to produce reusable bottles, making it one of the lightest reusable water bottles on the market.
three stainless steel water bottles with the words hrs and his on them are lined up next to each other
S'well 'Couples' Water Bottles | Nordstrom
His, Hers, & Ours Water Bottles! Product Design #productdesign
various sizes and shapes of empty glass bottles
Wholesale Sauce and Condiment Glass Bottles
Bottles & Jars Glass, Plastic & Tin-Here is a great site for canning jars and so much more. Only one problem, bulk purchase only. They also have containers for lip balm and deodorant.
two glass water bottles are shown next to each other
Graphic Design Inspiration, Resources & Freebies |
Water bottle package design #clever #creativemarketing #packagedesign
three water bottles and two glasses on a table
50 Creative and Effective Beverage Package Designs
I also bought this :) Was the most expensive bottle water but AWESOME design packaging. However I cracked my cup :(
a bottle of blue water with a white label on the top and bottom half is shown
Free Wine Bottle PSD Mockup Template Download - Free PSD,Vector,Icons
Free Wine Bottle PSD Mockup Template Download |
a silver and black water bottle sitting on top of a table
Co.Design Archives
This Might Be The World’s Best Designed Water Bottle | Co.Design: business + innovation + design
an electronic device is shown on a white background
REEBOK | stainless steel bottle series
REEBOK | stainless steel bottle series by matthew emeott, via Behance
a bottle of liquid sitting on top of a table
Gingerskull | David Riesenberg – Art X Math
Oliodioliva Designed by David Riesenberg, Israel
the packaging design for this perfume is designed to look like it has been opened
Beautiful bottle, packaging and branding for Greece's Poqa olive oil.
a blue bottle with the number 40 on it
36 Cool & Unique Vodka Bottle Designs - Neat Designs
36 Cool & Unique Vodka Bottle Designs #packaging #design
a bottle of vodka next to two ice cubes on a white surface with a red ribbon around it
25 bottle packaging design examples that will isnpire you
Aqua Terra Bottle Design