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Mark Tanner Halo Animation Reel

Animation examples from Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians as Senior Animator at 343 Industries (Microsoft)


Halo 4 Animation Show Reel - Will Christiansen in Animation Reel on Vimeo

Marcellis Wentz - 2012 Gameplay Animation Reel - Halo 4

All animation is hand-keyed, except for the one where Chief dies, which was based on motion capture. Music is "Animus Vox" by Glitch Mob -

Christopher Cox Animation Reel 2014

Music: Negrosaki - "False Armageddon Battle Theme" Animation breakdown: KEYFRAMED -All "Fallen", "Hive", "Cabal", and "Vex" animations. -"Player" sword attacks and run cycle. (prototype animations) MOTION CAPTURE CLEAN-UP: -Female Warlock walk-in intro. -Female Awoken/Human dance. -Player crouch walk cycles.

Victor "TorVez" Chavez - Destiny Showreel

Some of the shots I created for the video game "Destiny" during my time with Bungie. The first 4 shots are motion capture with keyframe cleanup (through the dance animation). The rest are hand keyframe. I'll eventually update with a better shot breakdown. Enjoy!

Halo 5 Animation Show Reel

Halo 5 Animation Reel

Daniel Asher Harman Halo 5 Animation Reel Shot Breakdown 1.Soldier attacking miner. Animated miner running from behind cover using mocap I acted in and helped direct. Once the miner is grabbed, I keyframe animated his motion. The soldier that grabs and throws him was keyframe animated bunkering behind a crate to the point where he finishes the throw and equips his weapon where he then returns to AI. Animation plays as player enters battle area. Animated in Maya and integrated in g...

Thanks for watching my latest reel. This includes the animation work I've done over the last year for Destiny: The Taken King, as well as some recent emotes. In my role as principal animator, I'm able to participate in many different areas of the game, from tech advancements, to player/combatant gameplay animation, to cinematic animation. In addition to this, I continue to serve as animation director for the player as well as our MTX (micro-transaction) emote effort. Breakdown: 1) Zombi...

10 second animation tip: shooting a pistol