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In-Game Animation Reel 2012

Some in-game works in 2012(based on 30 frames per second). Hope you enjoy it!

Animation Showreel 2013 - Ricky Wood

Animation Showreel 2013 - Ricky Wood by Ricky Wood. Includes some of my work on DmC, Enslaved and Heavenly Sword from 2003-2013 at Ninja Theory. Hope you enjoy it!

Game animation reel - cabal

Game Animation Demo Reel

Game animation reel

Peter Starostin 2014 Animation Reel (updated 1/31/15)

Character animation reel. Black and white shots are not mine but there for continuity. For in-game cinematics we used FaceFX for Lip-Sync. In that one shot "I am everything you never had" FaceFX took over jaw and lips. When characters aren't talking, I had full control of the face.

A shorter version of my demo reel focusing on keyframe work

Joe Han Animation Demo Reel 2016

Tom Bailey - Game Animation Showreel 2015

Here's some of my animations from Disney Infinity 3.0, DmC Devil May Cry and Enslaved. I'd like to put a big thank you out to everyone at Disney, Avalanche Gobo and Ninja Theory who helped create Disney Infinity 3.0. It's not often that you get to work on so many iconic characters in one project! Peace!

the quadruped dinosaur in this fairly similar to the dragon design needed, but in our design we want a longer neck and more awesome. when designing it just keep in mind that it will need to move fluidly, like a cross between a dinosaur's movements and a snake's movements

Game Animation Demo Reel