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a paper with some writing on it that is in the shape of a question sheet
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Homographs Assessment/Quiz/Test. Students must find the multiple meaning word that makes sense in both sentences. Great test prep!
an advertisement for a contest with a cartoon character
Homographs can be confusing, so try this interactive 26 slide presentation that comes with:Introduction to homographsDefinitionExamples20 homo...
a green bulletin board with lots of colorful circles on it and the words multi - meaning fun
bulletin board ideas multiple meaning m words and homographs
three pink sticky notes with writing on them
201-210 Recogonizies multiple meanings of homographs & analyzes sentences for correct usage of homographs
a refrigerator with magnets on the front and side of it that says multiple meaningss
MrsRuss.com--Multiple Meaning Words
Great activity where students choose a homograph and write a sentence on one M figure using one definition of the word, then write the other definition on the other figure.
an image of different types of boats in the water
Happy English New York – Humorous Homographs for Building Vocabulary
the worksheet for an english language lesson with pictures and text, including instructions
Homograph Worksheet - Complete the Story With Homographs
About this Worksheet A worksheet that prompts students to use provided homographs in the word bank to complete the story. Homographs in the word bank are: "bat", "rose", "sign", "row", "tear", "light", "match", "bow", "content" and "pitcher".
a group of papers that have been placed on top of each other
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Homographs to illustrate
two men sitting in front of microphones playing guitars
Zoola Palooza DVD intro (RETITLED The Bass Plays the Bass and other Homographs).
homograph song - intro to zoola palooza by author
the book cover for zoola paloza, with an image of a fish and other animals
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Zoola Palooza : A Book of Homographs « LibraryUserGroup.com – The Library of Library User Group
the words in this worksheet are very fun
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cute idea for homographs