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6. I think I am good at drawing because I like to draw so I did a lot of practice. 7. I want to improve on painting because my layers of paint are thick and messy. 8. I am just simply experimenting. 9. I am planning to try on drawing more sketches of real things.

1. This project was new to me because I never painted a canvas using sponges and tape and so, this is a project I was interested in. 2. It was hard to come up with ideas on my own in a big canvas like this but I was thinking about galaxies and I came up with this idea because I saw this around many places and I really wanted to try it out before. 4. I think independent project are more useful than projects given because I get to think and create my own designs with my own ideas and…

I might make the gif smoother, less shaky, and I can add more squash and stretch. Two things I did well is I drew a very round body and vibrate colors.

5. I drew sketches of people using pencils and erasers, this painting with sponges, various colors of paints, tape, paintbrush, paint pallets, and pencils for sketching. I also did a butterfly drawing using watercolor paints, a paintbrush, watercolor paper, and different color papers for layering. I also drew a ringtailed cat using pencil, eraser, color pencils, and pens. I also drew this darkness paperwork using different colors of paper, pens, pencils, and scissors.