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Chinese Empresses in The Palace Princess Classical Hairpin Hair Clip Step Shake | eBay


21 Magnificent Photos That Will Place China On Your Bucket List

Detail of the Historic Yuyuan Garden created in the year 1559 by Pan Yunduan in Shanghai China | 21 Magnificent Photos That Will Place China On Your Bucket List


Outside view of Mangyeongjae, a hanok in Bukchon, Seoul, Korea

Tamra, the Island (Hangul: 탐나는도다; RR: Tamnaneun Doda) is a 2009 South Korean television series starring Seo Woo, Im Joo-hwan and Pierre Deporte. It aired on MBC for 16 episodes. It is a historical drama set in the 17th century during the European colonial expansion into the Far East.

Girl's Hair Style of the Joseon Dynasty - Daenggi 2 by Glimja on deviantART

Beautiful Inner Courtyard of a Hanok (RakKoJae hanok in Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul)

Love this color pairing - hot pink, paler pink, plum, jade and black. 오리미한복 :: 분홍 저고리가 매력적인 친정어머니 한복 한 벌

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한복 Hanbok : Korean traditional clothes[dress]

Gu Family Book (Hangul: 구가의 서; RR: Guga-ui Seo; also known as Kang Chi, the Beginning) is a 2013 South Korean television series starring Lee Seung-gi and Suzy. The fusion martial arts action historical drama is about a half man-half monster who is searching for a centuries-old book that according to gumiho legend, contains the secret to becoming human. The series aired on MBC. 이유비