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First printed Hangul type, 1447. Hangul was created during the Joseon Dynasty in 1443, now the official script of both South Korea and North Korea. In explaining the need for the new script, King Sejong explained that the Korean language was fundamentally different from Chinese; using Chinese hanja to write was so difficult for the common people that only privileged aristocrats could read and write fluently. The majority of Koreans were effectively illiterate before the invention of Hangul.

Republic of Korea (대한민국)

Norigae by on @deviantART - artist also has more sketches on traditional Korean styling

(1230) A picky person

An Illustrated Guide to Korean: Essential Words and Phrases by Chad Meyer

Easy to Learn Korean 1256 - Similar Sounds: Eat, drink, and look good.

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Hanggap norigae is a perfume case pendant with ginger and chryanthemum shaped knots and an embroidered silk perfume case with a three-pronged octopus tassels. Shown is hanggap norigae on a dangui, a decollete robe, which was worn by the queen, the wife of a crown prince, princesses and high ranking officials' wives for various occasions. Gold foil on silk was only used in the royal court during the Yi dynasty.