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Bing Brings You Jay-Z's Life "Decoded"

Jay-Z fans will be able to access pages from the rapper's upcoming book — Decoded, an exploration of his life and lyrics — starting this week for a whole month before it hits st...


Hair-Raising Subway Ad Blows Away the Competition

A clever subway ad from Sweden blows away the competition.

Retail Mannequins Spy on You While You Shop

Benetton is employing dummies equipped with cameras and facial recognition software to glean information from customers.

The new LG IPS Monitors are known for their lifelike picture quality from any angle. So to introduce them to prospective consumers, LG had the floor of an elevator entirely replaced with the new LG IPS Monitors. And when a person entered the rigged elevator they heard strange noises followed by the floor falling into pieces…

Coca-Cola has created various innovative vending machines for their “Happiness” campaign around the world. In Korea they have now created a huge interactive dancing vending machine that rewards people who complete tasks with free drinks. The harder the challenge the more free coke people got.

Is This The World's Most Interactive Print Ad?

Lexus stunning feat A Lexus 2013 ES changes colors, turns on its headlights and exposes its interior as throbbing music plays in this highly interactive print ad in the Oct. 15 Sports Illustrated. How is thi

There Really Is a Smartphone Inside 'EW Magazine' [VIDEO]

Open this week's Entertainment Weekly and you'll find a live-tweeting ad from CW. But what's under the hood? Mashable's tear down found some VERY surprising gear between the pages.