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To work towards I'm going to start working with this

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Let's say this would be a page for a students activity In place of the blue thumbsup and that line, we could put an icon that indicates the TYPE of activity (whether for a club, sport, etc) and the words "Appreciated by" we could put the date and time of upload.

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This could be cool for a very presentational style of the four years of high school

This is great---- The top primary photo ---- This could provide the students a way to upload a "primary photo" // "lead line" to define the club or their involvement as a whole (ie yearbook photo of the team) And then underneath --- the smaller more sequential entries could be each individual brag, sorted by date (ie TODAY'S winning game)

Interesting for when we get to making the dashboard----- The most prominent graph here could represent something like "achievements in clubs, vs sports, vs academics, etc over time" which would be based on the user's frequency of "brags" in each category over time

I've definitely posted too many mobile views--- But I think this could be very portable to web. This has a very nice one-thing-at-a-time look.

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Replace the following pieces with the indicated content: - JOURNEY ---- User's name - Photo --- User's profile pic - INDO ODDYSEY --- name of one specific activity (ie, football team or robot club) - card feed below --- individual brags for this activity (consisting of any of the following: photo / video, text)

NICE TO HAVE --- newsfeed of chronological brags What we are currently building has the user add brags to individual activities (a club, a sport, a community service project)---- But since those will all get time-stamped, a way to keep user engagement of course is to be able to view things chronologically. EVEN MORE OF A WISH LIST ---- when, in the future, we implement the "meetup for high schools" students could browse through a newsfeed of their peers' accomplishments

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