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some lights are on in the middle of a city square and trees have been lit up
Our Project Gallery - iGuzzini
Albero project in Reykjavik, Iceland - Lighting products: Albero by iGuzzini illuminazione #iGuzzini #Lighting #Licht #Luce #Lumière #Albero #Reykjavik
a lighted tree in front of a building
L'éclairage jardin et terrasse- 10 idées originales top marque
arbre d'éclairage jardin ALBERO- décoration lumineuse à LED via iGuzzini Illuminazione
three tall metal sculptures with lights on them
Dandelions Wroclaw - CODAworx
#하키분석 #실시간무료스포츠중계 #붐붐티비 #실시간중계 #에레디비지에중계 #실시간스포츠중계 #MLB분석 #붐붐TV #농구분석 #NBA분석 #축구분석 #배구분석 #NHL중계 #야구중계 #배구중계 #하키중계 #프리메라리가중계 #라리가중계 #리그앙중계 #분데스리가중계 【】
two children are sitting on a metal fence
Brearley Architects + Urbanists
the re-development of 4.5km of Suzhou Creek edge including 5 parks by Brearley Architects + Urbanists
people are sitting on red benches in the park with bikes and backpacks under them
What Does a Child-Friendly City Look Like?
A billion kids are now growing up in urban areas. But not all cities are planned with their needs in mind.
an outdoor walkway with yellow and blue arches
Gallery of City Thread / SPORTS - 8
an image of some red flowers with lights on them
Welcome to Unpacked
An amazing art installation in Jerusalem features giant flowers that bloom when you walk by!
an aerial view of people walking and sitting on the ground next to a curved walkway
Designer Cooking Schools - The Cool Hunter Journal
Urban Spaces - We Need More of Them
an artisticly designed playground in the middle of a city with palm trees and buildings
10 Inspiring Landscape Design Ideas for a Beautiful Yard
Incredible Landscape Architecture Design (72)
an aerial view of a beach with many people on it and buildings in the background
Gallery of Benidorm Seafront / OAB - 14
Designed by Office of Architecture in Barcelona, this urban landscape snakes along the Benidorm seascape in Spain. The region is a popular attraction outfitted with high rise buildings, promenades, the bars, and the water. Yet, OAB’s addition to the thriving seaside has created an identifying element which sets this area apart from similar places.
an elevated garden with red planters and wooden steps leading up to the top floor
Green roofs and walls – a growth area in urban design
Good examples of green roofs including this one which has several substrate depths and irrigation.
an aerial view of a skate park in the middle of a building with lots of green grass
Curtin University Projects by PLACE Laboratory
Curtin University Projects by PLACE Laboratory « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
a woman sitting on top of a purple platform in front of a red curtained building
Hang Out by 100architects
Hang Out by 100architects
a group of people walking across a walkway next to a building with colorful designs on it
CEBU BRT | CAZA Architects
CEBU BRT | CAZA Architects