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a person laying down with their feet up in the air and text that reads shape, no other
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Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #2179
a poster with different shapes and colors
typeclass-of-hfg: Aldo van Eyck, Typeclass of HfG, Katya Velkova, 2013
the poster for the show is shown in black and white, with an abstract font that reads
Design Work Life
UW Design 2012 // Design Work Life -- Nicole Yeo, Jonny Sikov
an advertisement for the liberty camp fair 2012, with paper airplanes flying over tents and trees
10 Posters and Flyers You Wish You Had Designed
Poster & Flyer Design Liberty University Camp Fair poster
a poster with an image of a person jumping in the air and text underneath it
Poster+Dates ⁄ el Gravat
Out there resume design with some great colors and bold imagery for a super creative person!
the front cover of king of convenience's new album, quiet in the loud
ESTUDIO ESTÉREO 2016 / Art Direction & Gig Posters
Art direction for a series of gig posters (José González, Kings Of Convenience, City and Colour), for the 2016 Estudio Estéreo concert cycle. The concerts were performed in 2016 in Santiago, Chile.
a person holding a cotton candy with the words pop sale written in white on a pink background
Pop Up Sale Weekend — #JULIADOAN
Floralpunk: Fuck this is a busy-as-fuck week. Upcoming this weekend: two Pop Up Sales ! One in Hanoi and one at Heverly store in Saigon ! This is no big announcement, but if you can, tell your friends about it : D. I need every support I can get ! The Pop Up Sale will be held at 21st Urban, 14 Ngo Phan Chu Trinh, Hoang Kiem, Hanoi / Saturday & Sunday 10am to 7:30pm. I will probably be going around with chi Nhan and our friends though. Fooding and coffee-ing. I'll probably be there ...