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Unleash the magic of art and light with the Illuminate Canvas: LED Art Frame Lamp
Click, Swipe, Light
an instagram photo of a kitchen with dark wood cabinets
Essentials Interieur & Roy de Scheemaker Work Together to Create an Elegant Contemporary Home in Amsterdam
three different colored lights hanging from the ceiling
officeETculture - Stratégies et environnements tertiaires
Masiero - nappe
a chandelier with lights hanging from it's sides in the night sky
Geometric Storm A distorted geometric composition of rectilinear volumes, inspired by the cubist artworks of Picasso and Braque. Illuminated by LED strip lighting and G4 Halogen lamps (We could also use LED) Size: 900 (W) x 1200 (L) x 2200 (H) The Geometric Storm uses 800m of chain, all hand assembled, using our patented method. For this piece we used chrome and smoke ball - chain. We are only making 10 and could customise the colours. For other inspirational designs visit
a bathroom sink sitting under a mirror next to a wooden cabinet with drawers and lights on it
hjl studio: design culture : 네이버 블로그
soft glow provided by LED downlight
a wall mounted light fixture with square and rectangle shapes on it's sides
The world's catalog of creative ideas
an empty hallway with white walls and light at the end is lit by neon lights
The Beiersdorf offices Greece
Isle on the Beiersdorf offices in Athens-Greece with led stripes incorporated into the concrete floor and drywall creating the effect of natural light entering through cuts on the wall. Design and implementation by the team.
a room with some lights on the wall
Delta Light - Award winning luminaires
#deltalight // Kreative #Wandbeleuchtung
the stairs are shown with yellow light coming from each step and an arrow pointing up
LED Stair Lighting Systems, Stair Lights
LED Stair Lighting Systems, Stair Lights
a white light that is on top of a table
Table Lamp With Night Light
3D LED Lamp, Acrylic Lamp, Art of Light, Home Decor, Artistic Lamp, Night Light, Table Light, Office Decor, Nursery Light
a wooden table topped with lots of gray and orange lights hanging from it's ceiling
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