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I'm a photographer and this is my World ...
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Soledad - Loneliness - 孤单 - 외로움 - 孤独 Regent Park - London


Where everyone at some point in our lives we get to be. There where the path is sometimes difficult for us and we get carried away just looking for a little light to guide us. Where we can feel safe and strong enough to continue. This is where our hearts become a window and helps us meet and be ourselves, and with the same light through the window to help those who need it also.


Backlighting - Contraluz - 背光 - 백라이트 - バックライト Photograph taken with a projection of two light sources in a room totally dark. Fotografía realizada con la proyección de 2 focos de luz en un cuarto totalmente oscuro.


The Magic buttons - 魔术按钮 - 매직 버튼 -Today I started to sort through my old photos that I had saved in my little box of memories, I found a picture that I remember taking when I’m playing with my analogic camera. My Canon EOS 3000 N. I loved playing with superposition and the light with my camara and I waited impatiently at the door of store photo develop 35mm Film to see how that box of light to virtually “MAGIC”. Here you have one of those magical tries that both surprised me.


Instinto - Instinct - 本能 - 본능 Wooden Sculpture by Tom ‘Carver’ Harvey in Regent Park - London

My special WERLISA Club color. What can I say!! I want to use it right now!!


The Sun as a guide - El Sol como guía - 太阳为指导 - 태양가이드로 - The sun as a guide, in the middle of the woods, I and my camera alone, marveling at how good this light energy transmitted. The smell, the colors and sounds of nature, I found for a while, my quiet time. I found myself.

Gotas de lluvia - Raindrops - 雨滴 - 빗방울 Another way to see the world


Downtown London afternoon Magic city. Where everything you want to do, you Can get it. Ciudad Mágica. Donde todo lo que tu quieras, lo puedes conseguir.