'Gobchang gui'. Small intestines of beef with potato.

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Naengchae jokbal. Steamed pig feet with chilled vegetable and cold noodle on plate. This is the represent of BUSAN

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Ganjang gejang. Crab marinated in soy sauce.

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Fried chickens gizzard with potato. It is capital accompaniment of drinks.

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'Saewoo jang' Shrimp in soy sauce. @Choonsamwol in Seoul

Boiled rice with seafood in iron pot. It is not spicy it seems. The name of restaurant is 'SOT'. Means iron pot. You can find this restaurant at Hapjeong, Seoul.

Doenjang jjigae is a kind of stew which made of soybean paste and tofu, onion and some vegetables.

Beef tartare with the yolk of an egg.

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