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scissors and t - shirt with cut on it
How to modify the shoulder width of clothes ?
A thread is repaied!
How to Make a Perfect Mitered Corners
Perfect mitered corners anyone? Check out another way to make perfect mitered corners for napkins or tablecloths or tea towels and many more projects.⁠ So make sure you save this video. ⁠ Cause you will want to sew this for Valentine's. Check out this FREE tutorial here ---> Music Credit: @firstladyofsong (Ella Fitzgerald) Cheek to Cheek⁠
christmas craft projects for kids - free christmas sewing projects
someone is stitching the stitches on a knitted sweater with scissors and yarn needles
How to Repair a Hole in a Sweater With a Sewing Needle, If You Don't Have a Crochet Hook