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slices of cake with strawberries on a plate
Scrumptious Strawberry Cream Sandwiches - Brass Pine
Scrumptious Strawberry Cream Sandwiches - Brass Pine
a kitten laying on top of a blanket in the shape of a hand with it's eyes closed
50 Times Cat Owners Hilariously Caught Their Beloved Pets Malfunctioning (New Pics)
What do ghosts and cats have in common? They’ll both knock objects off shelves and countertops when you’re not looking. They’ll both hide in your closet and be impossible to find when you’re looking for them. And they’ll both exhibit bizarre behavior that you’ll never truly understand!
a key chain with a four leaf clover in the center and lucky charms attached to it
Antique Advertising RED BAKELITE Encased 4 Leaf Clover GROSS FURNITURE Keychain -- Antique Price Guide Details Page
a graffiti on the side of a wooden pole