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Откровенные девушки
Откровенные девушки, поцелуи, страсть
two hands touching each other on a pink blanket
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Image about love in PERFECT COUPLE by Andreaaa Mar
a drawing of a nude woman holding an object
The Occult Art of Austin Osman Spare: Child Prodigy, Anti-Nazi, and "Possibly the Greatest English Magician of the Twentieth Century" - Flashbak
a drawing of two people sitting next to each other with red ink on the paper
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a piece of wood that has been carved into the shape of a face
Sculpture @martin Lagares
a sculpture of a man's head with his eyes closed
a painting of two people holding each other with their arms wrapped around one person's chest
🫀 : Physical touch
Portrait, Illustrators, French Sculptor, Romantic Art, Empire Series