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three different views of hands and feet, one showing the upper half of the hand
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ArtStation - Get out of my yard!!!, Mathieu Aerni
an image of a hand that is in the air
a hand that is holding something in it's right hand, on a gray background
Darya Girina Zbrush Endless Way
four different views of feet and ankles
three different views of the foot and toes
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three views of the legs and lower limbs of a person with one leg raised up
Leg anatomy study., Ren Manuel
an image of the legs and feet of a human being shown in different positions, including one
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ArtStation - Anatomy studies, Laura Gallagher
several different views of the feet and toes of people with their foot casts on them
Foot study, Ren Manuel
ArtStation - Foot study, Ren Manuel
four different views of the feet and toes of a person's foot, with various angles
Foot, Ran Manolov
a black and white photo of a bald man with a chain around his neck looking off to the side