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How to travel to Korea for 3 months FOR FREE


"I want to do something that even Koreans don't do it!" Singapore rich girl and Top fashion & Beauty Blogger Mae! 100% Real Korea journey of Mae! MISS. KOREA I'm MAE #EP1. MAE, OFF TO KOREA


The middle of K-wave, The place that many K-pop stars perform, M Countdown! will Mae succeed to get in to the M countdown?

A trip in Seoul to see K-pop stars in M Count Down

Mae Has not tried to take a bus and the subway even in Singapore. The first thing she did right after she arrived in Korea was finding a guesthouse, but finding a way is a really hard mission to complete. Finally, Mae found Hongik University Station but they have very weird atmosphere. Today, Mae will see the most visually shocking place in her 18years life. 2 Month in Korea, Which place will she stay in?