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All animation production by Axis. Director: Ben Hibon Producer: Lucy Teire Executive Producer: Debbie Ross Client: Riot Games


Client: Ubisoft Agency : BETC Production : RITA Post-production: Follow us on Facebook: Making-of : coming soon

[로스트킹덤] 최후의 결전에 참여하라 시네마틱 영상 공개!-HD

Massive Entertainment & Ubisoft entrusted Blur to create a conceptually unique trailer that will make a strong impact at E3. A timelapsed journey explores the devastating decline of a virus infected New York City as The Agents try to restore hope amongst its desperate citizens.

Nantoo Cinematic

LOCUS Client : Kunlun Korea 2015

Client : UBISOFT Production, Design and Animation : CHEZ EDDY Directed by CHRIS DELAPORTE VFX Supervisor : JEAN-CHARLES KERNINON Ubisoft Line Producer : SOPHIE PENZIKI Chez Eddy Line Producer : PIERROT JACQUET Concept Artist / Designs : SAM MALHONE Previz : JEROME CALVET Realistic Character Artists : BRUNO JIMENEZ, JOHAN MAI & FLORENT RENARD Stain glass character modeling : REMI JULIEN & JOHAN MAI Rigging : MAXIME GRANGER Hair / Fur : MAXIME GRANGER & REMI JULIEN Set...

Dropzone premiered at Gamescom! Keep watching for VFX Breakdown and Face…

Director: Brien Goodrich (343 Industries) Animation Director: Steve Dyck (343 Industries) Creative Director: Stuart Aiken (Axis) Animator: Greg Towner (343 Industries) CG Supervisor: Sergio Caires (Axis) Executive Producer: Debbie Ross (Axis) Producer: Damon Conn (343 Industries) Producer: Ross Main (Axis) Audio: Warner Bros. Post Production Services and 343 Industries Audio Team Copyright © 2015 Microsoft Corporation and/or its suppliers