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the butterfly

Is only a test. Butterfly motion with C4d,All particle effects using particular. tools:cinema4d \ae\particular



just playing around with thinking particles and mograph


"Keramika" store TV commercial


Produced in 2012 the animation for the butterfly sequence was created using inventive production methods ranging from real life media such as ink and chalk, through to software such as SoftimageXSI, Photoshop and After Effects. It also made use of researched material and digital photography. For further news,information and animation tips visit our Twitter account @TeessideUniSCM

We designed and developed these 3 launch idents based on the brief of creating something extraordinary from something ordinary. In reality the end result ultimately became about creating moments of rich and lustrous eye candy that would appeal to the channels female audience without alienating the male viewer.

Director Stephane Levallois

2014 collage + papyrus -Media Art- Collage plus Jang Seung Hyo Media Artist by Kim Yong Min [ASTPLY]

Anton Nenashev - idea, direction, art direction Olga Antonenko - sketches/concepts/matte paint Nikita Popkov - DOP Alisa Kuznecova - 1AC Nikita Pichugov - executive producer Anna Zavitaeva - linear producer Alexey Shikachihin - gaffer Sergey Movchan - 3D research/modeling/render Alexander Fedukovich - 2D research/compositing Konstantin Otrembsky - 2D&3D research, modeling, rendering, compositing Arseny Gutov - tracking, additional research Vitaly Yakin - 2D&3D research, modeling, ...

This work is a personal project for us. We are VFX creator as well as a friend. This movie, Our director exhibited it at the group exhibition of Tama University of Arts graduate. Hope you enjoy it. My parts: storyboard animation, refine model, texture, lighting, FX parts, BG parts, rendering, composite, management Softwear: 3dsmax( Krakatoa, Vray), realflow2013, AE Other parts: butterfly setting&rigging and animation Softwear: MAYA