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an envelope and some paper on top of a bag
DDB Stockholm - H&M Sport
H&M Sport – H&M | DDB Stockholm
the poster shows different shapes and sizes
Within the Frame of Sopot Photography Festival
Visual identity design for a photography festival in Sopot. An event during which best photographers from Poland and around the world met and presented their work. Our studio was responsible for the design of all visual assets - from logo design, through …
the inside of a red and white jacket with an information card in front of it
Corporate Hang Tag
The goal was to design a new line of hang tags to represent the brand, portray the many technical features of each product, and overlay the many other partner tags that accompany each piece.
a black luggage tag sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a white wall
Custom jewelry box black, Custom jewelry packaging with stamping logo ring box, Custom logo printed
Art paper high quality brand name luxury hang tags for garment
a black and white package with the letter c on it
This product is no longer available.
Source Customized design black cardboard gold foil logo name price hang tags printing with golden metal eyelet on m.alibaba.com
many different types of badges and stickers on a white background with the words alaska
Upcountry Collection 01
three tags are hanging on the wall next to each other, with string attached to them
FPO: Edun Re-brand
the monogramm suit luggage tag on a white background with a black lanyard
two black and white business cards with the words handy, magnet & industrial supply
Handy Supply Co. Tags
the ridgeline collection gift tags
Ridgeline Hang Tag
three tags with the words summit on them are sitting on a table next to some buttons
Mt.Summit Clothing Co. | Identity & Hangtags
two lanyards are attached to each other with black cords and white tags on them
an image of a piece of paper with lines on it