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two people sitting in lawn chairs talking to each other with speech bubbles over their heads
a man and woman standing under an umbrella in front of a building with a sign on it
two people sitting on top of a brick wall next to each other with city in the background
there is a drawing of a desert with palm trees and a building in the background
Ghost President
turndecassette: “ layout homework ”
an animated image of a wizard walking with a goose
Varguy on X
Fan Art, Emo Style, Emo, Resim
a painting of a man in a suit and woman in a black dress with her hand on her chest
1957 illustration by Joe De Mers
Illustration by Joe De Mers for the story "She Died Dancing." Story by Kelley Roos. From Woman's Own, 1st August, 1957.
nine cartoon images of men with beards and mustaches, all in different colors
a man standing on top of a rock next to a boat
The Black Island
an image of a man sitting on top of a rock next to the ocean with text that reads, les vacances de tintin vintage collection
Fake Tintin covers (@Tintinfakecover) / X
Fake Tintin covers (@Tintinfakecover) / Twitter
an illustration of a man in a swimming pool looking at his reflection in the window
Opinion | The Year In Illustration 2017 (Published 2018)