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a snowy sidewalk with street lights and trees on both sides in front of the walkway
NewYorkCityFeelings on X
two brown horses pulling a sleigh in the snow with words written on it
three ducks are walking in the snow near a street light
... Canada Geese going for a winter stroll...
a park bench covered in snow at night with street lights and trees on the other side
Christmas Warmth
a snowy street with snow covered cars parked on the side and buildings in the background
a snow covered street lined with houses and parked bicycles in front of the house at night
❄ 20 Magical, Snowy, Animated Christmas Scenes To Start Getting You In The Holiday Mood
It’s a magical Christmas time in the city of Montreal ~🤶🏻 Photo credit @karlvibes
a street light covered in snow next to buildings
Winter Morning After Snow Storm on Park Street, Vertical
an aerial view of a city street covered in snow with cars parked on both sides
Digging out in New York City.