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a man sitting on top of a black chair in an empty room with white walls
Wallfa by Jordi Canudas | Dezeen
an abstract photo of a curved white object
Spaziale Series by Lanzavecchia + Wai | Dezeen
a red shelf sitting on top of a gray wall
Time to Design New Talent Award 2009
a large white sculpture sitting in the middle of a room
Page Not Found - Heide
a white sculpture sitting on top of a black pedestal in front of a gray wall
On View> Los Angeles or BUST: New exhibition features full-frontal forms
a large white object with wooden shelves on it
Barkow Leibinger explores moving architecture with Kinetic Wall
a woman is holding a piece of paper and painting it
Skulptur i strømpe og ståltråd
a table with many wooden sculptures on it
silk shibori corsage