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[Middle Ages-Unified Silla Southern and Northern Kingdoms Period(Balhae)] Stone lion statue of Balhae from Princess Jeonghye’s royal tomb


Goguryeo Tomb - Known as "The General's Tomb" 5th century - Ji'an, China. This huge Goguryeo tomb is 75m (246 ft) square, but the original occupant is not known for sure, and there aren't any paintings inside. Many scholars think this is the tomb of Jangsu, a 5th century ruler of Goguryeo.

Goguryeo Tomb Murals - Immortal riding a goose, Ohoe Tomb #4, 6th - 7th century. Ji'an, China

This is one of the many tomb murals that remains of Goguryeo. This painting is of a sun crow with flying celestials. All the colors and details in their art shows how their culture appreciated art very much.

One of the best preserved Joseon armor pieces is displayed in a Russian museum. This type of armor is called 두정갑 (頭釘甲).

Goguryeo Tomb Interior