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the diagram shows how to connect with multiple devices
TouchX - grasshopper interaction for mobile devices
a man standing in the middle of a dark room with rain falling down on him
Designs of the Year 2013
Rain Room, The Curve, Barbican Art Gallery, London, UK. Designed by rAndom International.
a woman is sitting in a chair with her head inside the pillow and texting your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change
Freyja Sewell
Hush Pod | more on: http://www.pinterest.com/AnkAdesign/collection-6/
an odd shaped chair sitting on top of a white floor
Yin Yang Outdoor Dual Lounger – PadStyle | Interior Design Blog | Modern Furniture | Home Decor
Yin Yang Outdoor Dual Lounger
an image of the ocean with clouds reflected in it
mount ocean collage picc
an image of the moon taken from space in black and white with lines on it
Adam Ferriss - Europa (2012)
a person standing in the middle of a room with lots of lines all over it
Snowflake by Tokujin Yoshioka
Snowflake Installation for Kartell Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka
an open field with tables and chairs under a white tent that is suspended from the ceiling
Web Server's Default Page
Inflatable cubes, it is how they defy gravity to create shelter in the outside will still remaining open.
a glass case with a white object in the middle on a wooden floor next to a black wall
Απίθανοι τρισδιάστατοι πίνακες από τον David Spriggs.
David Spriggs is an English artist based in Montreal who paints on multiple panels of glass to create amazing 3D works of art. The ethereal images appear to be floating behind the outer panels of glass. The technique he uses is called stratachrome, defined as any image or object developed or executed in multiple planes or layers of color.
a black and white photo of a room
Dianne Romaine | Installation with Black String (Claremont Studio, 1980) | 2011
a black and white photo of an object on the ground next to a wall with wires hanging from it
By a thread: string in contemporary art
Kazuko Miyamato
a black and white photo of a plastic bag on top of a bottle
Smoke (experiments on methods II) — Minimally Minimal
Smoke (experiments on methods II) by Andrew Kim
a white curtain is hanging in front of a wall
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Daniel Arsham. 2011
three different views of a mountain in the middle of two pictures, one is covered with snow
.:* L - In his installation, reverse of volume RG, Yasuaki Onishi uses the simplest materials - plastic sheeting and black hot glue - to create a monumental, mountainous form that appears to float in space. The process that he calls “casting the invisible” involves draping the plastic sheeting over stacked cardboard boxes, which are then removed to leave only their impressions. This process of reversing sculpture is Onishi’s meditation on the nature of the negative space, or void, left behin...