Woven scarves

Add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe with our collection of beautiful woven scarves. Explore different styles and patterns to find the perfect accessory for any outfit.
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Orchid Blossom Weaving Pattern

This scarf is a great weaving project where the yarn just shines. It’s simple enough for a beginner yet fun for more experienced weavers. The yarn practically does all the work. Pick two colors of Sesame, warp with one and weave with the other, and see the beautiful scarf emerge.

Rikke Vittrup
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pink woven scarf knitting project by Rosalyn Jung

#myprojectposted I placed this project under "knitting" because there's no category for weaving on this website. What a bummer because weaving is a good use of beautiful yarn too, as evidenced by my scarf. I used Austermann Step (a sock yarn that I bought on this website) as warp and weft and did plain weave on a 12 dent heddle. I used 2 skeins. It turned out very soft and drapes nicely.