Wilted flowers

Learn how to bring wilted flowers back to life with these creative tips and tricks. Discover simple techniques to revive your flowers and enjoy their beauty for longer.
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Wilting Flowers Elegantly Sculpted in Glass by Lilla Tabasso Are Suspended in States of Decay — Colossal

Artist Lilla Tabasso (previously) traps bouquets and tufts of grass at their most precarious stages of life. From her studio in Milan, she creates delicate glass sculptures of wilting flowers and rough clusters of sod that have just breached their prime, capturing how they elegantly bow and collapse as they decay. “The focus is on the way in which they burst with life and vigor at first bloom until eventually the passage of time inevitably takes its toll,” the artist says. More

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A single dead flower in a glass vase. To light this still life subject I used three speedlites. The background is a black card lit by a bare 580EX11 zoomed to 50deg. The backlight was a 580EX11 fitted with a snoot, the light just catching the petals on the top right of the flower head. The third 580EX11 in a stripbox was positioned to the left of the subject and provides the reflection on the glass. The basic post processing was done with lightroom 5 and a texture was added to the background…

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Wilted by Yesterdays-Paper on DeviantArt

Description Antique floral greetings post card Circa early 20th century Divided back, golden age (1907 - 1915) A painted image of a droopy tulip, past its prime. V I N T A G E S T O C K #postcardstock #vintagestock #deltiology #oldpaper All of my uploads are from my personal collection of antique paper ephemera and offered here as free use, no-restrictions stock images and resources. Do with them whatever you like Be creative, enjoy! My Gallery yesterdays-paper.deviantart.co… …

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