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Party Phil - Wii Party, assist trophy; the main character of Wii Party and is the first character which appears in the game. He will be the one who will help you through some things in the game. He will appear into the game board island when he randomizes minigames which you'll play, and he will be at the end and at the beginning. Wii Characters Pfp, Wii Characters, Nintendo Nostalgia, Wii Party, Party Characters, Kpop Iphone Wallpaper, Frutiger Aero, Beast Wallpaper, Game Mode

Party Phil

Party Phil, known as Woopy in the Japanese version of the first Wii Party, is a Tute. He is the host of Wii Party and the co-host of Wii Party U, alongside his younger sister: Party Penny. At the start of every game mode, Phil will ask you if you want to watch the tutorial on how to play the game mode and if you say yes, Party Phil will begin explaining that mode's rules. He also constantly appears throughout Wii Party's various game modes providing commentary on what is happening or going…

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