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I reincarnated as the villain’s younger sister who will be killed by the male lead. It was a forgone conclusion that my brother and I will die to the male lead if my brother continued his evil ways. So, I tried to live quietly while trying to change my wicked brother, but for some reason the male lead was lying in front of our villa? I couldn't let him die, so at first I helped him up, but…the male lead’s condition was a bit strange. Wait a minute…did it start already? The male lead’s mana…

Chong Carol
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'Your Highness, there’s something I’d really like for my birthday.' 'What is it?' 'Will you promise to listen?' Then the man blatantly laughed. But who would point out his arrogance – a young Northern Duke who’s not even afraid of the Emperor? He could even get a throne if he wished for it. But it was just a sweet lover’s birthday wish. 'Alright. I swear.' So, Juliet spoke lightly, 'Please break up with me. I don’t love you anymore.' A fiance just for show. A succession of meaningless…

Himani fafale
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“I’ve never seen a woman with hair as red as blood as lady.” Blood dripped down as if waiting and soaked the floor. Belial held out the blood-stained sword. But Rose couldn’t care less about it because, “What do you think? Isn’t it as beautiful as lady’s hair?” Belial Le Serenity. Because the man that I’ve been looking for such a long time, immediately took an interest in me as soon as he saw me. I possesed a supporting role in a romance novel. In addition, I would be killed by a villain…

Monserrat Alonso
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I was the youngest princess in the Imperial family. The powerless imperial family was engulfed in the flames of rebellion, and as an extra in the family, I was the first to be abandoned. As such, I lived not as the imperial princess Stella, but as the commoner Ethel for ten years. That was, until I came back to the imperial family that abandoned me. “I need a replacement.” So said my sister, the first princess of the empire. “To be a substitute for my missing sister.” “A tempting…

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After being reincarnated, Ariadne is determined to change her fate and win both love and power. But when she questions whether she is just a substitute for her perfect fiancé, he cruelly mocks her. Ariadne finds comfort in the kind prince who loves her for who she is, as well as in the support of her former fiancé, who has undergone a drastic change in attitude. With determination and newfound allies, Ariadne sets out to change her fate and become the queen she was always meant to be.>

Peter Yang