Water based paint

Upgrade your painting experience with water based paint. Learn about the advantages of using this eco-friendly option and create beautiful and long-lasting finishes for your next project.
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Step by Step Guide: How to Paint Water Based Paint Over Oil Based Paint

Painting water based latex paint directly on top of oil based paint without proper preparation will result in a bad paint job that will not adhere properly. Water based latex paint will bend and flex a bit as temperatures and moisture levels in your home change. Oil based paints are brittle and will crack, causing anything on the surface of the oil based paint to not adhere properly and usually chip off or also crack. Many people prefer water based paint instead of oil based paint because…

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Removing Water-Based Paint Solids from Rinse Water | Just Paint Acrylic Techniques, Plastic Pail, Green Studio, Water Paper, Contaminated Water, Paint Water, Paint Pouring, Art Making, Paint Projects

Removing Water-Based Paint Solids from Rinse Water | Just Paint

If you would rather not flush water laden with acrylic paint solids down the drain, they can be removed prior to disposing of the water. This process consists of chemically treating the contaminated water to cause the solids to flocculate, followed by filtering to remove them from the water. The materials and equipment needed are ... Read more

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