Vtuber mouth layers

Explore the fascinating technology behind VTuber mouth layers and how they bring virtual characters to life. Learn about the different techniques used and discover how you can create your own expressive virtual avatar.
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ASSET Vtuber/vrchat/vroid Irises style 1 - Etsy

Do you want some neat looking irises for your VTuber model or your VRChat model? Heck, for your drawings? Well here you go! I made a bunch. I'll be making a bunch more! I've kept the original b/w sheet so you can recolor it as you wish, since my colors aren't always your colors. These are PNG sheets of 25 irises. Just copy/paste the one you wish to use with Photoshop and go! Use these however you wish, even for your commercial products, should you really want to. My goal here is to make it a…

Sam C
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草くそmanager 🐉🔥 on Twitter

“🔴PSA for Vtubers getting Live2D art! Check that the art you get is separated correctly for animation, or you may be rejected by the rigger! Some artists advertise as Live2D ready when it's not. Mistakes added in for demonstration only, @.curryless makes perfectly good models~”

Emily Beaudry