Ursa minor

Discover the enchanting secrets of Ursa Minor and its celestial wonders. Embark on a journey to learn about the mythical tales and fascinating facts surrounding this constellation.
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Minor but Mighty: Ursa Minor

By Danielle Alexander, Contributing Writer, Classical Wisdom The night sky might seem like a random collection of twinkling stars to some, but to others, the stars create images and patterns filled with stories and legends. These images and patterns are known as constellations, and they’ve been captivating human imagination for as long as records have

Sheetal Seth
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Constellations URSA MINOR or Lesser Dipper by funfun

Silhouette image of a URSA MINOR constellation with stylish title and names of main stars. The colors of stars roughly represent the real temperature of a star. The constellation URSA MINOR is also known as Lesser Bear, Little Bear or Little Dipper.

Carol Brozman