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As the first set of students graduate from the London School of Architecture, we catch up with founder Will Hunter

In 2015, 30 students set out on a new part two course at the UK’s first full-fledged independent architecture school for more than a century. Run by former Architectural Review editor Will Hunter with architects including Nigel Coates, Clive Sall and Deborah Saunt, the London School of...

Ileanna Andrade
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Celebrating Mandvi Architecture as a negotiator

Rethinking architecture constructed for and by tourism. On a larger picture, the thesis questions the idea of using architecture as a tool to package places as destinations to be sold rather than journeys to be experienced. # Urban Design Competition # Landscape Design Competition

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An urban social network

Our proposal implies a way to design the city thinking of all population segments, from little kids that start to discover their neighborhood to senior citizens that hardly go out anymore because their needs have changed. We designed a main collective adaptable space for different programs accompanied by a series of niche public spaces within housing blocks. # Concept Architecture Competition

UNI Architecture competition