Tiny horses

Explore the enchanting world of tiny horses and learn about the fascinating miniature equine breeds. Find out how these pint-sized animals capture hearts and bring joy to both kids and adults.
Daisy, a horse at Saratoga Stud, gave birth to a small but beautiful colt. But wait! A few minutes later, she gave birth to a healthy little filly! Watch this amazing event here. #horses #pets #animals #video #animalvideos via @dailypetbuzz Baby Horses, Pregnant Horse, Wild Life Videos, Dog Birth, Unusual Horse, Animals Video, Tiny Horses, Pregnant Dog, Most Beautiful Animals

This Palomino Foal Was Born Surprisingly Tiny. Watch And See Why - Pet Buzz

Jenni is passionate about horses and is the owner and founder of Saratoga Stud in South Africa. This video features one of her most beloved horses, Daisy. Daisy became pregnant with her first foal in November 2014. Daisy was in labor when Jenni and her co-worker Guy were called up to the stables by their

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