Tiger art

Explore stunning tiger art ideas that showcase the beauty and majesty of these magnificent creatures. Transform your space with captivating tiger artwork and bring the wild into your home.
Tiger, by Liu Jiyou  刘继卣 (1918-1983) Growling Tiger, Art Tigre, Tiger Chinese, Tato Naga, Tiger Drawing, Wall Scroll, American Flag Eagle, Eagle Tattoo, Chinese Brush

Liu Jiyou (1918-1983)

Liu Jiyou 刘继卣 was born in China in a little village that was surrounded by nature in 1918. His father was an established painter of animals and flowers. He grew up surrounded by both art and nature. One of the most talented among modern Chinese artists, Liu eventually developed his own distinctive voice, combining the loose brushstrokes and graceful and calligraphic style of traditional Chinese painting with elements taken from Western art, especially the careful and accurate observation…

Po-Yen Lee