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Discover innovative teaching strategies and resources to empower third grade teachers in creating a fun and engaging learning environment for their students.
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Are you new to teaching third grade? Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran teacher, here’s what you need to know: 1. Multiplication is king. Multiplication RULES third grade math. Our standards say that students must memorize facts within 100, but it doesn’t say how we have to do it. Lots of games and teaching ... Read More about New To Teaching Third Grade?

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Third grade! Yay! I survived the first two weeks of third grade and finally have the time/energy to tell you a little bit about it. I won’t be going into total detail, so please leave a comment if you have a question! (UPDATE: I wrote a much more detailed post with more links and full ... Read More about The First Week of Third Grade

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If you ask me (and I am pretending that you did), third grade is the BEST grade to teach! Third graders are still young enough to love school, love their teacher and get excited over simple things like coloring. However, they are old enough to be independent workers and thinkers. Most third graders know how to read

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Congratulations fourth grade teacher! Fourth graders can be very independent and curious. The topics they are tackling in math are interesting and you are going to LOVE class read alouds. There are so many awesome fourth grade books! Now that you know you will be teaching fourth grade, you are probably starting to wonder what

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After I created and posted my Addition Timed Test Program , I had a lot of teachers reach out to me to see if I could create something simil...

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