The kingdom of magic

Embark on a magical journey and discover the wonders of the kingdom of magic. Immerse yourself in a world of spellbinding adventures and enchantment that will leave you captivated.
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Kougyoku Ren (練れん 紅こう玉ぎょく, Ren Kōgyoku) is the eighth princess of the Kou Empire, and later the fifth and current Empress. And a Dungeon Capturer conquering Vinea. Growing up as a lesser princess of gthe Kou Empire, KOugyoku rose in significance after conquering a Dungeon. She was sent to Balbadd Kingdom as ambassdor prior to its internal revolution and annexation, and later a student abroad alongside Hakuryuu Ren at Sindria Kingdom, where she befriended Alibaba Saluja and also turned into…

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A Djinn Equip (魔装, Masō, "magic dress") is an ability of a Dungeon Capturer to take form of a Djinn. To achieve a Djinn Equip, a Dungeon Capturer must use their Metal Vessel to allow oneself to become one with their Djinn. This is done by compressing the Djinn's power onto themselves. While channeling the power of a Djinn is available immediately upon conquering a dungeon, access to a full-body Djinn Equip seems to require some amount of training to achieve. It is possible for users to…

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