Teaching third grade reading

Discover effective strategies to engage and inspire third graders in their reading journey. Enhance their skills and foster a love for reading with these top ideas for third grade reading instruction.
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Here in third grade, we practice fluency daily with: -Word Lists -Phrase Lists -Passages/Running Records My Mental Journey I have had a love-hate relationship with fluency. As a third grade teacher, my students are subject to end of year, high-stakes testing for the first time. Fluency is not tested on these exams, students have

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Literacy centers are a great way to help 3rd grade students practice ELA skills and standards.  This post shares ideas for reading, writing, word work, and grammar stations that are great for third graders.  #thirdgradewordwork #3rdgradeliteracycenters #3rdgradecenters #centersfor3rd #smallgroupsinthirdgrade #thirdgradeideas #literacycenters #literacycenters3rdgraders 3rd Grade Rotations, Fourth Grade Literacy Centers, Daily 5 Stations For Third Grade, Third Grade Centers Literacy, Literacy Center 3rd Grade, 3rd Grade Classroom Reading, 3rd Grade Word Work Centers, Third Grade Word Work Activities, Must Do May Do Centers 3rd Grade

Literacy centers are a great way to help 3rd grade students practice ELA skills and standards. This post shares ideas for reading, writing, word work, and grammar stations that are great for third graders. #thirdgradewordwork #3rdgradeliteracycenters #3rdgradecenters #centersfor3rd #smallgroupsinthirdgrade #thirdgradeideas #literacycenters #literacycenters3rdgraders

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Are you new to teaching third grade? Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran teacher, here’s what you need to know: 1. Multiplication is king. Multiplication RULES third grade math. Our standards say that students must memorize facts within 100, but it doesn’t say how we have to do it. Lots of games and teaching ... Read More about New To Teaching Third Grade?

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Make planning and assigning reading centers easy with these simple organization tips. Literacy centers are essential for students and should be easy for teachers!

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Congratulations fourth grade teacher! Fourth graders can be very independent and curious. The topics they are tackling in math are interesting and you are going to LOVE class read alouds. There are so many awesome fourth grade books! Now that you know you will be teaching fourth grade, you are probably starting to wonder what

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The world of third grade is a fascinating one. It's a phase where readers are blossoming, ready to delve deeper into literature's treasures. Their appetites for compelling narratives are growing, and they're on the brink of exploring more intricate plots and character dynamics. However, any educator,

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Hello darlings! Amy here from That Teaching Spark! If you are like me, you use some semblance of technology in your classroom. You might be 1:1 with each student having a device or you may have access to a few devices for your entire class! I'm lucky enough to have a class set of chrome carts to share with my grade level of five teachers. We rotate the chrome books around to each other. I also have four devices that I use for math rotations every day! I have to admit, I would be lost without…

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Need ideas for the first day of school? Classroom teachers will be completely ready for the first day of third grade with these step by step lesson plans! Includes detailed back to school activities, books for read alouds, fun team building ideas, free printables, math activities, reading, writing, and management tips for 3rd grade teachers. Perfect for first year 3rd grade teachers or experienced teachers looking for new ideas. #backtoschool #thirdgrade #firstdayofschool Montessori, 3rd Day Of 3rd Grade, First Week Of Third Grade, Third Grade Curriculum, First Day Of Third Grade, First Day Of 3rd Grade, First Day Of School Classroom, Team Building Ideas, Third Grade Lesson Plans

Wondering what to do on the first day of third grade? Plan for the first day of school like a pro with these detailed first day lesson plans including math, reading, and writing activities, easy

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