Teaching techniques

Discover proven teaching techniques to engage and inspire your students. Enhance their learning experience and foster a love for education with these innovative methods.
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List of 107 Classroom Teaching Strategies (With Examples)

Use this list of 107 instructional strategies to fill-in that lesson plan or teaching portfolio with some high quality teaching strategies.Or, try some of these strategies out when you’re low on ideas and looking for a fresh way to teach in the classroom!

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How To Teach English To Kids

Practical tips and useful resources to help you successfully teach English to kids. Learn how to teach kids with games and songs. Includes free resources.

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15 Scientifically Proven Study Techniques That Are Worth Trying in 2022 | Study techniques, Effective study tips, Best study tips

Jun 14, 2022 - If you're looking for study techniques then in this article we have listed 15 new and scientifically proven study techniques that will help you to study better this year.

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Here is a collection of eight class discussion techniques to structure classroom discussion and ensure all students' equal participation.

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