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Discover a collection of unique and beautiful tatting jewelry ideas. Elevate your style with these intricate and handmade pieces that are sure to make a statement.
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Shuttle Tatting for Beginners: Step by Step Tutorial - NeedlesnBeadsnSweetasCanbe

I love shuttle tatting. I actually prefer shuttle tatting to needle tatting. Shuttle tatting is a little harder than tatting with a needle. Since I've already done a needle tatting post I decided to do a post about shuttle tatting for beginners. Tatting is a beautiful old-fashioned art and it has been around for centuries.

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Purple tatted set

Back of necklace The earrings are my Carnival pattern found in Tatted Jewelry, and the necklace is a design that I made up as I went. People often ask if I'm going to write it up, but first I think I need to experiment with it awhile. The large medallion wouldn't lay straight until after a lot of blocking with steam, so I'm going to see if there's any way that I could adjust the stitch counts. The beads were added to the center of rings using a technique that I learned at Jane Eborall's…